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Playing modded minecraft was never this easy

Forgepack offers the easiest and fastest way to install any mods to your game. Our launcher does everything for you so you can just enjoy the game.

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Want to enjoy one-click install&play on your favorite server?

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Server owners
Individual Launcher

As a server owner you can generate a personalized launcher just for your network. It will install all the mods and configure the game so it is ready to play.

You can set the amount of ram your forgepack requires so everyone gets an optimal experience.

You have the freedom to incorporate any artwork you desire that reflects your forgepack best.

Players that already have required mods can instantly play on your server without re-downloading.

Fast & easy

Forgepack is optimised to be the easiest way to install mods to your game. As such all you have to do is click on forgepack of your favorite server.

The launcher will install all the files itself and run the game for you. This is the fastest and easiest way to play modded Minecraft yet!

Anyone can make a forgepack and that means that there's a ton of awesome forgepacks to choose from!

If you are looking for the next awesome experience then your search can end here!

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